Top Reasons to Live in Germany as an Expat

17, March 2023

Are you still undecided about coming to Germany? Are you considering the UK or US for your bachelor or master’s degree? Are you a professional? Are you currently feeling undecided about your study destination? There are lots of information about, but you can’t seem to make a choice

Well, you’ve arrived at the right place. We understand how such decisions can be difficult to make, given the information overload on the internet. In this post, we would try to itemize why you should make Germany your preferred destination.

1. Biggest Economy in Europe

Germany has the biggest economy in Europe and the 4th largest in the world, just after the US, China and Japan. The economy is both self-sustaining as well as exports to neighboring and distant countries. It is said to be the engine of the European economy and that is not just because of the cars she is known for.

All these translates into a lot of opportunities for professionals and fresh graduates. We don’t want to start quoting figures and numbers, but you get the general idea.

2. Surplus Jobs

Jobs in Germany

With a dwindling workforce and lots of employees extending their retirement date due to a lack of qualified persons to take up their roles, the possibility of getting a job is quite high. However, a person who wishes to join a company in Germany has to show high level of professionalism as the company are still very picky about the kind of employees they want.

3. Robust health care system

The German health system is one of the best in the world. Based on data from 2016, the WHO estimates there 4.2 physicians to 1000 people in the country. This makes Germany 8th in the world on the same level as Switzerland. However, the population of residents of Germany is much more than the sum of the countries that had a higher index. The only countries that come close is Russia with an index of 4.0 with a population of 144 million.

The German EMS is also commendable, as the service is regulated by law and controlled by the municipal government. With an average response time of 9-12 minutes from when the call is made, one of the best medical services is available to everyone at any time of the day.

4. Security

There are over 300,000 personnel of the Police in Germany according to a data from the Statistisches Bundesamt. This includes both the federal and state personnel. The Bundespolizei is the Federal police body for Germany. They have the central control of all police related business. Each state also has their individual police force called the Landespolizei. Each of them can be distinguished by the insignia on their uniform.

The police are usually very professional and properly kitted as they make regular patrols around the city metropolis and other remote areas.

The national emergency number is 112 and it takes an average of 8 seconds to be put in touch with a call operator. Don’t worry, they are able to speak English and would dispatch police officers to the scene in case of an emergency.

5. Language

The official language in Germany is German, but lots of Germans can communicate in English. They certainly prefer speaking a language they are comfortable with, but if you need help, you would certainly find someone who speaks English.

For students, a good number of courses are taught in English, from Engineering to development studies both for bachelors and master’s degrees. Every university has an English taught course and the professors are very proficient in their mastery of the language.

For professional as well, the chances are that your choice company speaks English is high, as lots of firms are positioning themselves to do business internationally and English is the choice language for that. However, this makes the recruitment process more rigorous but with good qualifications and experience you can land your dream job in Germany.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to learn a new language and with dedicated studies of 2 hours a day, one can attain intermediate conversational skill within 4-6 months depending on how much of practice is being done.  

6. Good Social Policies

The German system has 12 main points on its social security programme which include unemployment benefits, health insurance, child support, pension amongst others. The social security system is funded by contributions from employees and employers which is based on the amount of wage a person earns.

In case of accidents, loss of job or other eventualities, the system steps in to supports individuals who had contributed to it. The type of intervention and varies depending on the situation. Nevertheless, it is a good feeling knowing that the government would have your back at times when you aren’t able to give your best.