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Smart Reminders

A platform-wide feature for timely reminders of deadlines and tasks that are important for successfull applications.


Your Deadlines

Once you are interested in a course, our smart reminder mechanism will help you take actions on time to ease your admission process.

Create Tasks

Create unlimited tasks for each admission application and set your own deadlines. We will help you build an organised work-flow, so you can focus on what’s important.

task remainder

Multi-channel reminders

Choose to get notified via E-mail, mobile app, web app and WhatsApp (coming soon) to always stay in the know.

Search field

Type anything. Our advanced search Engine will fetch data deep and quick like a flash.


Sorting the results

You can sort the search results as you wish. Sort by alphabetical A to Z, Z to A, Popularity etc.,


Save your search

Save your search criteria with all filter settings. Access all the saved searches in Dashboard 24/7.



Advanced filters to narrow down your searches initutively with ease. Play as you like.


Snippet view

The search results are displayed neatly as snippets. Quick view on impartant data for quick decision

Focus only on what’s important!

Create tasks, set deadlines, and turn-on the reminders. Let the tool take care of the small tasks, allowing you to focus on what’s important to apply for your dream course.