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The Hamburg University of Technology [in German Technische Universität Hamburg, abbreviated TUHH (HH as acronym of Hamburg state) or TU Hamburg] is a research university in Germany. The university was founded in 1978 and in 1982/83 lecturing followed. Around 100 senior lecturers/professors and 1,475 members of staff (639 scientists, including externally funded researchers) work at the TUHH. It is located in Harburg, a district in the south of Hamburg. It is an internationally oriented university in the Hamburg metropolitan area dedicated to the Humboldtian educational ideal. It contributes to the advancement of society's technical-scientific competence by educating the next generation of engineers using modern teaching and learning methods and by promoting technology transfer and company formation. Instead of traditional faculties, the TUHH has separate administrations for teaching and research: research is organized into departments, and teaching is organized into schools of study. In the departments, scientists from various disciplines collaborate. Depending on the course of study, curricula are organized by academic speciality. Students at the TUHH take charge of their own development. They are distinguished by their independence and willingness to perform. Furthermore, they are involved in student self-administration as well as course evaluation and evaluation of teaching evaluation. Lecturers plan their classes and exams so that they best meet the intended learning objectives. They persuade through their expertise and pique interest in their field of study. They create exams that are transparent and fair, and they solicit feedback to help them improve their courses. All in all, TUHH is a place of education. Those who study with us prepare themselves for the challenges of the future and learn to broaden the horizons of technology, science, and society. Students acquire comprehensive skills for a successful career.

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