Nordakademie Hochschule der Wirtschaft 

Private (state-approved) (University of Applied Sciences)
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Private (state-approved)




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University of Applied Sciences

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Computer Science

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Physical, Virtual, Hybrid


The NORDAKADEMIE University of Applied Sciences provides practical courses with high success rates and excellent study conditions. It provides impressive career opportunities for its graduates all over the world. The NORDAKADEMIE is also one of Germany's largest private universities with face-to-face teaching, with over 2,000 study places and over 300 cooperating companies. The theoretical component of the six dual bachelor's courses is held at our sustainability campus in Elmshorn (Schleswig-Holstein), while the postgraduate and further training courses are held at the NORDAKADEMIE Graduate School in Hamburg. The NORDAKADEMIE is a collaboration partner with over 20 years of experience in dual study programs with over 700 companies. This includes, in addition to application-oriented research, business projects such as practical projects in the master's program, as well as joint lecture series and events. Five dual bachelor's degree courses are available at the Elmshorn campus in business administration, technical informatics, industrial engineering, business informatics, and applied informatics. They combine a rigorous university education with qualified training in partner companies. All bachelor's degree programs conclude with the title Bachelor of Science. Trainees in dual bachelor's degree programs benefit from a close connection between the theoretical fundamentals taught at university and the application that occurs during the practical phases of everyday business life. In alternating blocks, the theoretical and practical phases are completed. The theoretical semesters each last 10 weeks, and the practical blocks last an average of 13 weeks, giving students a total of 6 weeks of annual leave. Employees who have completed their studies are already very familiar with the work processes and can be deployed immediately. By alternating between theory and practice, students can directly apply what they have learned, allowing them to quickly understand and apply it.

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