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Philip I, Landgrave of Hesse, founded the Philipps University of Marburg in 1527, making it the oldest still-operating Protestant university in the world as well as one of Germany's oldest universities. With roughly 23,500 students and 7,500 staff members, it is presently a public university of the state of Hesse that is situated in Marburg, a town with 76,000 residents, with university facilities scattered across or near the town center. The highest proportion of international students in Hesse, at around 14%, attend this school. Additionally, it provides student exchanges through the Erasmus program and an international summer university program. Today, it offers excellent teaching in a wide range of subjects in a total of 16 departments. Future-oriented topics with high relevance for society determine research in Marburg. With 13 Leibniz Prize winners, the Philipps University is one of the leading research institutions in the state of Hesse. Almost all scientific disciplines, with the exception of engineering, are represented at the Philipps University. The Marburg campus of Philipps University provides 70 master's-level courses and 36 bachelor's-level courses. In addition to the seven continuing education programs, 4 state examination courses are taught. The university internationally with numerous partner universities abroad. It continues to have strategic connections with three colleges. Universities in 27 different European nations have collaborations through the Erasmus+ program. Additionally, there is more international collaboration with universities through the Erasmus+ important action 2. All departments have personnel who take part in global research networks and actively engage in cross-border communication. In addition to various scientific centers that mostly work across disciplines, the special treasures of the Philipps University include five museums, two botanical gardens, the Chemikum and various special scientific collections. There are also numerous other institutions that work closely with the university.

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