SRH Hochschule in Nordrhein-Westfalen 

Private (state-approved) (University of Applied Sciences)
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Private (state-approved)




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University of Applied Sciences

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Business Administration

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The North Rhine-Westphalia-based SRH University of Applied Sciences, which has campuses in Hamm, Leverkusen, and Münster, is a member of the SRH University Network. Here, 750 pupils attend school representing more than 25 countries. The university provides about 30 authorized bachelor's and master's degree programs in management, social work, sustainability, business, logistics, engineering, health, and psychology. These programs are offered in both German and English. SRH strives to provide her students the tools they need to become a self-assured, tolerant, and global citizen who has internalized the spirit of continuous learning. In exchange, it offers great study programs that are both practical and future-focused, highly accomplished professors from prestigious institutions, ideal learning environments, and a head start on the workforce with promising job possibilities. There are many research projects available for students at the SRH University in North Rhine-Westphalia. Students put what they have learnt into practice by conducting research. The Science Council, Germany's highest scientific authority, has given them its blessing. This body certifies the standard of research and instruction and ascertains whether they follow recognised criteria through accreditation. After the university was founded, the Öko-Zentrum NRW was the location of the educational institute. In February 2010, the move to the Heinrich-von-Kleist-Forum in the immediate vicinity of the Hammer train station took place. In addition to the city's central library and the adult education center in Hamm, the forum is also home to the SRH University in North Rhine-Westphalia. Besides, the institute also gives students the most freedom to choose where they wish to study with three study locations. You get to choose where you wish to go to school, and you can switch campuses between Hamm, Leverkusen, and Münster if your personal circumstances change.

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