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Private (state-approved)




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Process Engineering

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The Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola (THGA), a private, state-accredited university of applied sciences with headquarters in Bochum, Germany, was originally known as FH Bergbau and TFH Bochum. It was established in 1816 as a Bergschule (mine school) to educate mining supervisors and foremen (Steiger), and it expanded into an engineering college and then a university in the 20th century. The university at present provides 14 bachelor's and master's degree programs in industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science, electrical engineering, and information technology, as well as geological resources and process engineering. There were about 2,500 students enrolled in classes at THGA during the winter semester of 2017–2018, of whom about 55% had signed up for a part–time degree. Research on post-mining is one of THGA's primary areas of concentration. Three faculties make up THGA, which offers a total of eight bachelor's degree programs and six master's degree programs at the moment. About 80% of dissertations examine issues that are pertinent to a corporation, demonstrating the practical relevance with which teaching and learning are intended. The majority of courses can also be taken part-time. The Research Institute of Post-Mining (FZN) was set up in 2015 with financial assistance from RAG-Stiftung and state/EU grants. As the only research institute of its kind anywhere in the world, it carries out research into the so-called perpetual obligations associated with coal mining. The university's faculty and employees come from many different countries. Their employees participate in international networks where they conduct research, work, and collaborate. Students here gain from the global exchange of knowledge and technology. In collaboration with its university partners, they provide the chance to study abroad in Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America as well as practical instruction in a global setting.

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