University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology (FIT) Hermannsburg 

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The University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology Hermannsburg (FIT) was founded and accredited in 2012. It is also a unique location for interactions between people of different religions and cultures. Students from Germany and throughout the world live and study together, sharing their varied theological and cultural origins. 92 students from 33 different nations are currently enrolled at the FIT, including those enrolled in the Master's program in "Intercultural Theology," which is provided in collaboration with the University of Göttingen. At FIT, students can study intercultural theology from countries including Egypt, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Germany, Georgia, Ghana, India, Iran, Cameroon, Kenya, Korea, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Syria, Tanzania, Uganda, Ukraine, USA, and Belarus. The goal of the research project is to promote academic achievements in the areas of migration and religion, international diaconia, and development in an environment related to the church and to establish the FIT as a reputable institution for intercultural, theological, and interfaith scholarship. The following fields are the focus of the academic research conducted by FIT faculty members in conformity with this objective: • Migration and religion • Biblical research from an intercultural perspective • Intercultural history of Christianity • Systematic theology and hermeneutics from an intercultural perspective • Mission studies and international diaconia • Social work from an intercultural perspective • Religious studies and inter-faith encounters • Development studies The FIT library is centrally placed on the campus grounds and houses around 65,000 books, many of which are in the subjects of intercultural theology, mission studies, history of religion and Christianity, bible studies, migration, social work, and development studies. Students, instructors, and staff at FIT have continuous access to the library.

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