German Grade Calculator

Quickest way to convert your home-country grade to the German grade system (4.0-1.0).

What’s the German grading system?

Germany uses grading system based on the Modified Bavarian Formula. Our calculator allows you to orient your grades as per the German system, making it easier for you to match universities in Germany with your grades.

Germen gradeDescription
1.0 - 1.5Sehr gut (Very good: an outstanding achievement)
1.6 - 2.5Gut (Good: an achievement which lies substantially above average requirements)
2.6 - 3.5Befriedigend (Satisfactory: an achievement which corresponds to average requirements)
3.6 - 4.0Ausreichend (Sufficient: an achievement which barely meets the requirements)
5.0Nicht ausreichend / Nicht bestanden (Not sufficient / failed: an achievement which does not meet the requirements)

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