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Winter  :  15 Jul

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Course Details

virtual reality and expanded realities in general are about to break into almost every area of life. They will soon become part of everyday life just like the smartphone today. Students are helping to shape this future in the international bachelor’s program Expanded Realities. They conceive design and develop new worlds and applications and contribute to a completely new media language. They Master the technological aspects of virtual augmented or mixed reality as well as the creative and conceptual production of content and develop an understanding of the ethical and social dimensions of this new medium.


3D-Worldbuilding, Design and Expanded Realities, ER-Storytelling,... See More

Mandatory Internship

It is mandatory to do an internship. It is easier to find internship when it is mandatory. 3-6 months is most common.

Exchange Semester

The university does not offer any exchange semester

Mode of Study


Study Format

Full Time

Cost & Fees

Tuition fee


Semester Contribution



The Semester contributions totaling 272 EUR includes student Union Fee 80.00 EUR, Student body contribution 11.51 EUR, Contribution to administrative costs 50.00 EUR, RMV semester ticket (german) 128.99 EUR, Bike rental system (german) 1.50 EUR


Admission Semester

Mode of Application


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Without admission restriction


Entry Requirements

Prerequisite to applying for a Bachelor or Diploma degree course is a university entrance qualification (HZB) that corresponds to the standards of German high school graduation exams.

The applicants must pass the aptitude test with at least 90 points in order to be admitted to the university.

Language Requirements




GERMAN Deutsche Sprache Diploma - DSD

DSD - 2

Previous Work Experience

Not Mandatory

Other Test Requirements


Application Documents

Certificate from high school

Aps certificate

Language certificates english


Legally attested original language copies of your certificates and references is required

If certificates and references already have been (also) issued officially in German or English language forms in your country of origin we do not require additional translations. Certificates and references issued in French or any other languages must be officially translated into either German or English

Additionally you can include your complete school-leaving certificate including all pages containing text as well as all subjects taken and grades achieved

Applicants from China, Vietnam, India or Mongolia have to submit the certificate of APS (Akademische Prüfstelle)

Dates & Deadline

SemesterInternational StudentsEU Students


15 Jul15 Jul

Manage your application with ease

Managing multiple applications and their deadlines has never been easy. No more missing deadlines, missed application documents or anything lost in air.

Set custom status for each course (Shortlisted, Started Application, Applied etc.,)

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